About Us


"Established in 1970 (ISO Certified )Gets privilege to introduce our selves as one of the most leading experienced manufacturers & exporters of MILITARY UNIFORMS & ACCESSORIES,Accoutrements Regalia AS Official Uniforms for Army,Navy,Air force,Police,Security,Offices,and Ceremonial and with the accessories as Hand embroidered bullion wire & and silk thread badges & machine made patches & woven labels, family crests, (coat of arms), sports & club nautical emblems, Flags, Banners, Pennants, sashes, aprons, officer caps, hats, gauntlets, chevrons, ties, epaulettes, shoulders cords, whistles and whistle cords, aiguillettes, fringe, tassels, braids, Sam brown belts, buckles, buttons, pips, metal rods, pace stick for army, navy, air force, police, military, clubs universities, associations, organizations, Schools collages & hospitals, Swords, Belts. We too, produce musical instruments mace, sporrans, kilts & practice chanter and many more. COMPANY'S PHILOSOPHY Knowing the basics needs and utilizing one's resources to fulfill those needs in a reasonably optimal way and ending up with a surplus is the normal role of business. We always welcomes new buyers and our old regular customers to consider us their business partners and good friends. Customer,s satisfaction is our priority and will always be. We Thanking you for giving us this opportunity to serve you at our best possible level. The products in our website are not all we have vast range hundred to thousands of other simillar or completely new articles. For any further Information about the company please feel free to contact US.Thank you in Advance.